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Botched paperwork derails Robin’s bid

Botched paperwork derails Robin’s bid

A FAILED attempt to fill out the candidates’ paperwork properly has cost Robin Cartledge a chance to contest this month’s federal election.
The 64-year-old Port Macquarie grandfather announced his intentions to run as an independent for the seat of Lyne in May.
On Thursday he arrived at the Australian Electoral Comm¬ission’s Taree office ahead of deadline with most of his forms. It was the missing page which meant his nomination was declared null and void.
“Yeah, I dropped the ball û it was my own fault,” Mr Cartledge told the Port Macquarie News.
Mr Cartledge started campaigning with the slogan ‘Who Cares?’
He challenged the federal government’s response to health and suggested the Lyne MP Mark Vaile did not care about the health needs of rural residents.
A quirk of the campaign were plastic figurines of soldiers with the ‘Who Cares?’ logo stuck to it, which were strategically placed across town.
Mr Cartledge said he was also concerned about federation.
“Federation is being lost to us because both major parties are working towards a centralised government and ignoring the states.”
But Mr Cartledge has missed his opportunity to take the other federal candidates to task formally.
He said he was disappointed he had let down the community.
“One of the problems was, while I am passionate about democracy I’m not a social animal and didn’t have a machine working for me. I was almost a lone ranger”
Instead, Mr Cartledge has put his support behind Greens candidate for the seat of Lyne, Susie Russell.


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What about us?

Our local member and Deputy Prime Minister is so popular among his cabinet colleagues they have assigned him to Queensland for the duration.

Forget about the electorate Mark Vaile represents, his Liberal bosses are more concerned that his services are more needed up north to save their skins.

Vaile has overridden his National members, denying that they might be disappointed by the placing of two Queensland Liberal senators ahead of National’s Senator Boswell. That action alone displays as much loyalty to his party as he shows for his local electorate.

“The decision we’ve taken in Queensland is to try and target all of our resources on beating the Labor party,” Vaile said. Perhaps we could have more confidence in this underperformer if he concentrated on voter’s needs and his electorate, rather than the Liberal Party’s fears of defeat.

Of course Vaile can afford to be complacent in Lyne; like his two predecessors he has never faced any threat here. Perhaps it is time he really did, time someone took up the challenge to represent this electorate as it really deserves to be represented.

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Official terrorists support?

Now the rules for dealing with terrorism have been established it must be time to some other outstanding cases. For example there is ample evidence against our Deputy Prime Minister to create a great deal of suspicion.

The fallout from the AWB scandal clearly suggests Vaile’s association with those who were financing a terrorist organisation, Saddam’s Iraq regime. The $300 million dollars was funded through people who the Deputy Prime Minister was known to associate with.

There were serious allegations that Saddam’s mob were in league with Al Qaeda, those links were part of the justification for sending Australian troops to oust the regime.

October 20 2000 Vaile had an ‘informal meeting’ in Egypt with AWB Iraq executive Dominic Hogan, the subject of the meeting was the growing concern over kickback claims.

Later in 2000 the Deputy Prime Minister was dealing with then AWB chairman, Trevor Flugge. Again the thrust discussions were the emerging revelations of financial support for Saddam’s terrorist government.

July 2002 the Deputy Prime Minister was adamant that dubious wheat deal should continue without interference. In 2002 Vaile met with AWB executives again, this time in he was visiting two other known terrorist states, Libya and Iran.

So should Deputy Prime Minister Vaile be charged with recklessly supporting a terrorist organisation? I obviously cannot disclose all the facts of any potential, future investigation, but there certainly appears to be ample innuendo to proceed.

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A supporters letter

It is encouraging to receive comments from supporter, Miss Adventure (AKA Jo) had these comments on theHoward government.

To all out there who are calling themselves, officially or unofficially, disgruntled.

I find extremely offensive the recent interest taken in aboriginal welfare. It has been a long term and pervasive issue affecting everyone, regardless of cultural exclusivity.

The fact john Howard and his cohorts have taken this on as political leverage is extremely offensive (yes I’ll use that word again) being that he is calling for his own re-election shortly.

I have a short memory, but not that short. The problems faced by the aboriginal community were bought to light around this time last year and numerous other times over the past decade. Up to this display of passion there has not been so much as a murmur from politicians, and it was seen as an issue that could be addressed by elected aboriginal self governing bodies.

SBS broadcast several communities meetings, the subject being petrol sniffing and other catastrophes of human suffering.

For those of us who really do care quarantining welfare payments and the like really adds to the indignity of the situation. A better situation must be sought.

On a personal note, if this system was to be bought in for all those attached to the welfare system it will systematically take away for the care and welfare of our own children.

We have already seen what happens to aboriginal communities where responsibility has not been vested in individuals of past generations.

I share my views on this issue as I am, myself, on disability support payments. But I actively want to better my life and the lives of my children. Surely the future of this country depends on the active pursuit of personal responsibility as opposed to dependence on welfare!

If what I am hearing is true; that John Howard want to ‘own the country’ is that not a sad reflection of where we are as individuals?

The fact that none of are actively ‘tightening our bootstraps’, as my grandparents would say, reflects on each of us without exception.

I have note the number of CEOs in our local companies who have sociopathic tendencies, and have fought their way to the top by frightening the average worker, skilled or otherwise. So much attention has been given to this in American companies they will profile potential CEOs to see if they have tendencies which would put stakeholders at risk. I draw a broad conclusion between these CEOs and John Howard.

Wake up Australia! Your country needs you.

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Fudging the Figures? Who Cares?

At the end of March, 2007, Australia’s net foreign debt stood at $532 billion, up from $492 billion a year earlier. These were comments by Ross Gittins, a soundly based economics commentator for the Sydney Morning Herald.

I do hope that the world doesn’t ask for its money back next week because I am a tad strapped for cash.

Why strapped for cash? You may ask.

Over 1,660,000 small business’ in Australia are living on debt and hope; and in August 2006, there were a total of 8,776,900 employees in Australia. Of these, 6,178,400 (70%) were full-time employees and 2,598,500 (30%) were part-time employees.

The Deputy Prime Minister and Leader of The Nationals, Mark Vaile claims, on the home page of his web site, that ‘As Leader of The Nationals, I am absolutely committed to representing the interests of the 7 million people living in rural and regional Australia. Their voices will continue to be heard and championed around the Cabinet table. I take that responsibility very seriously, as do my Federal colleagues.’

Vaile further claims in a press release dated Thursday, 7th June 2007, headed Unemployment rate good news for all Australians that the further fall in the unemployment rate to just 4.2 per cent in May was proof of the Howard/Vaile Government’s strong economic management.

Thank you for your concerns and your ‘full employment’ Mark. But I think I will pass this time. Who Cares? I do as I know many of the wonderful 7 million people that you claim to represent do. If you are doing it hard you are not on your own.

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Vaile’s level playing field


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Mark Unvailed

Mark Vaile has defended his government’s investment in health, qualifying that health is ‘predominantly’ a states’ issue. (Port Macquarie News May 26 2007)

This was just days after the federal budget allocation for health funding, a federal issue, came in well short of projected growth figures for purely maintaining the system.

Vaile went on to boast his government was on top of the system with the introduction of something he calls e-health. Given the pathetic internet connectivity in this country we might all die waiting for our computers to heal us.

But the real question should be; just how much control do the Feds have over health?

The government have been furiously denying the bundling of Health Services Australia into Medibank, ahead of the planned asset sale of the publicly owned health insurer. This is undeniably a federal responsibility, and one they are trying to unload.

He has dodged comment on the constant media advertising of changes to health insurance, tailed with ‘authorised by the Australian Government, Canberra’.

The latest indication of just how much the Feds are involved in health, the Deputy Prime Minister’s latest boast (Port Macquarie Express June 13 2007):

Paraphrasing Vaile’s quote …An overseas-trained doctor has been approved for Lake Cathie.

The announcement follows a recent meeting arranged by myself between [Federal Health Minister] Tony Abbot and the local division of General Practice…

It is ingenuous of Mark Vaile to slate full  responsibility to the states when there are clearly so many areas his government either has control or attempts to manipulate state responsibilities.

One of those manipulations is simply under-funding, then claiming the states screwed up. It just doesn’t wash!

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another international offer

get a dogFunny that those Canadians have such a grasp on the local culture here.

Thanks for the graphic Karen.

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A Canadian View

Who Cares?
I do
Because I want better
How come?
What we get is not good enough and we pay for it.
What is it?
Overpaid politicians and underpaid necessary services.
How we gonna fix it?
Vote for Robin Cartledge
He Cares.


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